About AVION Systems Consulting Ltd.

AVION provides high value consulting services to engineering and manufacturing organisations. We are a team of highly experienced consultants with diverse experience in hydraulic, mechanical and electrical systems within Aerospace and Railways industries. We provide a structured, scalable and cost effective business model with one simple goal, to protect the business interests of our clients.

We help our clients to build great products.

Owing to our diverse consulting experience within the global manufacturing enterprises, we provide a highly customised 'end-to-end' solutions for established as well as new and early-development programmes. Our services include work-package definition, management and delivery. The work-packages include a wide variety of project segments, including the systems integration, requirements management, validation, verification and certification activities. We deliver a comprehensive consulting solution, from customer negotiations, architecture and process definitions, regulatory compliance to the final documentation release and configuration management. We know how important it is to turn the suppliers into highly involved programme partners and we have done it for several key market players generating immense financial and operational benefits. Of course, we ourselves try to be our clients most reliable supplier and we actively seek and deliver on every single opportunity to do so.

We believe in going an extra mile, to make sure we deliver to our customer's expectations. When it comes to commitment and professionalism, we never compromise, ever!

At AVION, we have an autocratic organisation with no managers. We all have a core functional role and a part of it always dedicated to strategy, leadership and management. We are strong individuals who know that we are even stronger as a team. We support and contribute to each others work streams with a well articulated team focus and with our goals in sight. We resolve conflicts as a team and through a collaborative and open process. We believe in making work a rewarding and memorable experience that is not bound to walls, cubicles or desks. We are highly results oriented organisation and we trust our employees to take initiative, do right things and do in the best way that suits their own life. We encourage people to grow and we support their growth with a passion. At AVION, we embrace integrity, clarity and ethics.

We are a young organisation, but we already have generated a strong interest within the markets. We have well defined growth plans and intend to significantly scale up our business operations in coming years. We are excited about the future, because are actively shaping it, for us and for the rest of the world!

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